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Text from "The Moderna Exhibition" catalouge by John-Peter Nilsson, english

The uncertainty one experiences as a viewer encountering the works of Tova Mozard is related to the extent to which we are used to read or receive images and their contents. Mystery is a key element in her photographs together with the information that has been omitted what we think we need to be able to grasp and understand images. The sense of finding yourself in the middle of a story is pronounced and while the compositions made up of dilapidated environments, film sets and bizarre characters make her photographs visually attractive, the viewer is left with a feeling that is both nostalgic and saturated. Both her photographs and films are located in that border country between the fictional and the documentary. Frequently her work deals with the images of the entertainment industry vis a vis its reality. In Mozard’s work on video, the focus is on individual narratives, and what she often shows us are peculiar and alternative lifestyles. Their depiction and form are enriched and made more complex through the interpretations she makes combined with her narrative grasp. She subjects the viewer to an intrusive form of portraiture, while bringing out qualities that alienate us from it, such as pictorial effects and her proximity to the theatrical. Looking back and a Romantic relationship to her theme are characteristic aspects of Mozard’s pictorial world. She exploits this in an evocative way, cleverly playing with our receptivity and empathy on various levels.

John-Peter Nilsson